Sunday, November 05, 2006

你和我(You And Me)

你和我 Lyric


你和我 在世界同一座擂台
別懦弱 拿出勇氣對待
讓眼淚 流出來不是因為失敗
幸福那個夢 就看你和我
你和我 你和我


你和我 在世界同一座擂台
別懦弱 拿出勇氣對待
讓眼淚 流出來不是因為失敗
幸福那個夢 就看你和我
你和我 你和我 你和我 (我們做得到yeah)

你和我也沒什麼不一樣 該學習地球如何分享

that's right,
你和我 在世界同一座擂台
well...exam soon...the one and only concentration is EXAM!!!
read a friend's blog...Martin's, lotsa Love stuff over there...lotsa meaningful, lovely verse over there...wahaha...anyone interested can go visit visit la... martin's was my classmate, but he forgot me edi!!! hmmm...nvm..we can always make friends again (^.^)

you and me...i think this is a very meaningful song... you and me can make our life better!
well...try our best! we can always start from small small little things...

eg: be faithful to your own God, with Him impossible is nothing;

eg: do not liter, dispose your rubbish at proper place and keep the environment clean;

eg: don't smoke, dun make our air even more polluted, everyone does not want to die due to lung cancer, cancer is one of the most suffering disease, dun ever let you and your love one experience it;

eg: always put yourself at other people shoes, dun blame others too much and instead understand them, the world would be more lovely if we kind to the people around us;

eg: help others, help other not because you wanna get "pahala" or blessing or fame or anything, but help other just simply because you are already so much luckier than the others, help other because you've already got alot more than others that god had given to you;

eg: love yourself. be responsible of yourself, take care of yourself properly so that your love ones would not get worried, guard your attitute so that your love ones will be proud of you;

eg: Smile always! smile is infectious, smile to the others, whether you know them anot, and you will see the world smiling to you;

believe that we can make our life better!
Love is the greatest power!
even God has love!

you know you can do it, dun be afraid or step back!
you can do it!
let you and me to take the first step and guide the others to do so...

and so... let us do our best! pray for me so that i would pass my exam... (^.^)

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