Thursday, December 28, 2006




藏起心痛 我想我还能忍受这点寂寞
用最沉默的温柔 微笑对你挥挥手

If you cry 我会明白
If you smile 我也会温暖
走累了 if you don’t mind
和我坐下来 看看天的蓝
If you cry 还有我在
If you try 陪你等待


well..have been so worried bout something gonna happen recently... i tot i wanna tell something to my parents before christmas..but i did it on the christmas day...a liltle bit late but at least i did it at last...

before that really scared that 幸福 will just slip away if i far still ok nothing much changed also...but dunno what will happen if my grandma and my relatives know bout it...

haihz...decisions are hard...i am glad i made one the lyrics.. 幸福不是每一天都有 错过以后要等很久很久... 幸福 might just stay away from me for some times after the decision made.. but i believe 有个人只为了你存在 你永远不会孤单...really hope that in everytime whether i am up or down, happy or sad, he will be with me forever...really cant imagine how to live without him.. 忍受这点寂寞...i hope there will be always someone will tell me 还有我在..let pray that this gonna be you forever..(^.^)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

就狂舞如果吹狂风 就等待放晴的天空

如果雨越下越大 节奏就更猛

当风雨 都过去 迎着风 看天空
不放弃 才能够 有感动
这一生 这一次 为自己 抬起头
至少要 骄傲的 盛开过

天地的善变我不怕 人间的混乱却不懂
让我最灿烂的笑 换和平天空

当风雨 都过去 迎着风 看天空
不放弃 才能够 有感动
这一生 这一次 为自己 抬起头
至少要 骄傲的 盛开过


Have been a very complicated week..
or perhaps weeks..

i feel kinda happy recently..
although i failed my exam (modified essay questions), i got 59..
and the passing mark is 60...
haha..dun worry, i am not the only one..

and then becuz i failed my exam i disappoint my tutors and also parents..
haihz..feeling so bad over this..

and i joined cg recently..
feeling so bad cuz have to break one of the college rule..
then i successfully got the permission from my tutor..
then i feel very happy..

but then now i need another one..
feeling so complicated..
or not to tell?
or who should i tell first?
omg..i am getting crazy..

i think i am in love with someone..
guess who?
haha..ask me personally if you wanna know..

i have to concentrate on my resit paper first..
which is on the 18 dec..
and my LAN subjects exam is on 20 dec..
pray for me that i can pass all these exams..

now for those who know me i wanna ask you a question:
did i change? why do you think so?

feel free to leave any comments..
thank you very much for your time..

Love you all so much (^.^)

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