Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kau yang terindah

Kau yang terindah lyrics
Kau yang terindah, di dalam hidup ini
Tiada Allah Tuhan yang seperti Engkau
Gagah perkasa penuh kemuliaan.

Kau yang termanis, di dalam hidup ini
Ku cinta Kau lebih dari segalanya
Besar kemuliaan Mu kepada ku

Ku sembah Kau, ya Allah ku
Ku tinggikan namaMu selalu
Tiada lutut tak bertelut
Engkaulah Yesus Tuhan Rajaku

Ku sembah Kau, ya Allah ku
Ku tinggikan namaMu selalu
Tiada lidah tak mengaku
Engkaulah Yesus Tuhan Rajanku
It's been so long since i update my blog, kinda busy especially now shifted to sri kembangan.. so far away from home and my mom also ask me to stay in hostel dun go home so often cuz it's dangerous and expensive..
For the last 3 months, lotsa things had happened...(as usual) i can say kinda relief for me somehow... at first i thought im gonna start a relationship this first i really think he wants to, that week kinda like...omg, hmm...try my best la... but somehow when finally decided not to start this year, i find this is the best for us... we planned but God will determine our steps.

Yesterday was the 2nd CF since i'm back to class. As usual i reminded my friends to come. I love being in it.. but when i got home, one of my friend told me that this CF was not as fun as last time when she follow me to CG. And from another friend i knew that this friend of mine told her next time she dunwan come already becuz it's rather boring. I feel disappointed. If she has God in her heart she wouldn't have said that. But still, up to her to come or not to for the next one. Psalm127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Perhaps God has make her this way, so that in future He can touch her heart more deeper.

Know my class schedule is like.. class 8am-5pm, then night class 8-10pm every weekdays. and 8am class for us i'm suppose to reach by 7.45am... saturday and sunday we are suppose to go back to college at least 4 hours to practise OSCE. Only thru suffers we grow.. so i will just accept it..more over study is forever more enjoyable than working...=)

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