Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 2007 fool

what a day..i came back on thursday night..later i have to go back to hostel (again)..
today's april far still nothing happened to me nor i did anything to my friend (yet)

erm..did anyone know that i am in love recently?
well..hehe..the person is Kimi Raikkonen..
(friends: well..we ALL know this..not only recently, but have been in love with him for at least 6 years...)
wah..6 years edi ar? see..this shows that i am a very loyal person..
(friends: ya right *sweat drops*)
hmm..this year Kimi is in Ferrari..a year of transition for him..
(friends: "year of transition" sounds familiar...)
yup yup..2007 is a year of must have heard it before in DUMC..
year of 2007, i will be turning 19 to 20..
in this year i will be completing sem4 and sem5, which is very vital, since sem6 will be learning management only..
and i think..i've changed a little..perhaps alot..

one of my friend say..if i am in doubt for choices of life..means.. i am growing..
discipline also part of growing up..

to buy or not to buy something..
depends on your budget..ya..i dun have the budget for it now..
but i really, really like it..
i want it..
if i dun buy now
i might not have the chance again
to buy or not to buy?
doubting..means growing..
think of the future..
if i buy now..i will have to starve for few days end of the month..
so discipline comes..dun buy!
huhuhu..i like it so much..
dun buy means dun buy..cannot means cannot!!
alright..i will just say bye..
think back..if i bought it..doesn't really make any different in my life..

to start or not to start with someone..
same concept..
doubt still..
means i am growing...?
my best friend say..i dun fall in love but i grow in love..
yup..i agree.. start or not to start..
this is different from buying something..
buy or dun buy may make only slight difference in my life..
but this will be a big issue..
perhaps 50 years later this isn't big for me anymore..
but for is..
no one is responding..until today..
only the Lord knows everything..
i thought i wanna tell someone something one day..
but the Lord denied my plan..
maybe next time..
i dun wanna lose any friends becuz of this..
friendship are just too precious..
fragile at times too..
i just hope Lord will give me to go thru all these..
pray to the Lord..
the only thing i can do..

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