Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My goodness! what is this man..long time no blog suddenly got mood to blog already then i find... CHINESE STAR NOT INSTALLED YET!!! where is the cd? mana? bin dou? na li?? oh...i think lent to cousin already...haihz.....another episode of depression....during the thunder and storm season, my comp suffered a premature death, failed to resusitate, (depressed) so me and my bro decided to let it undergo transplantation. So it survive! with the old outer skin but all new organs.. (happy for a while) but of course, new hard disk, so all my sweet memories, including my pics and songs all gone. (depressed again..)...and all OS and office have to install CSTAR have to wait for a moment more after my cousin return me the CD...

jz imagine someone you love, you spent many yrs with this person, ups and downs, sweet and sour memories, suddenly accident, survived, but lost all memories, the relationship have to rebuild once sad...

but well, another point of view is that this is a new life! It is no longer the same as the last anymore! Just like when we born again in the spirit of Christ we are no longer the same anymore! new life, better life, better functions, better role, and a promised better future by God! old memories? it is just the few yrs of life, we will create more memories in the future and in eternity!

so, depression, go away please. the master in my house do not welcome you! and my house is jam packed with love, joy and peace and i dun have enough room for you.

btw...i actually not so depressed as you would think (la), its kinda sad when all the pics and songs cant survive anymore, but think again, it is my real living life that matters, not the dead pics and after all..i'm okay..if still can retreat from the old hard disk then thank god, if not then its okay (la), thank god also, cuz help me realize what is more important in life! =)

welcome back after 1 year plus of not blogging haha.
1 year and 11 days actually! :P

I am wondering why ur computer could kena hit by the storm? Ur computer was running that time?

So true that-"it is my real living life that matters".

Try to think positive. When u depressed and you're keep thinking of it, you will be more depressed. Someone told me this (but i forgot who is it)

Hope to read more form u ya! :)
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